Human Rights Activists Say Iran’s Regime Humiliates Women

The Group of Human Rights Activists in Iran has taken a firm stance against “humiliating and inappropriate sentences” particularly targeted at women.

In a recent statement, the activists expressed their concerns about what they view as a systematic process of subjecting women to degrading sentences. “The issuance of such demeaning sentences against women appears to be a deliberate and systematic endeavor,” the statement from the human rights group declared.

At the heart of the activists’ condemnation lies the government’s reliance on compulsory hijab, which humiliates women and places them unfavorably in the spotlight. The group suggests that by resorting to tactics of humiliation, rather than opting for traditional imprisonment, the Islamic Republic aims to minimize potential political consequences on the international stage and therefore aims to maintain a favorable international image, despite the suffering of women.

The statement included a comment from an anonymous but courageous Iranian woman: “We are forced to engage in a battle that has been imposed upon us, but as Iranian women, we have shown that we are not afraid of any struggle until we attain our rights,” she said.

Furthermore, the group drew attention to specific sentences that are only imposed upon women, such as being subjected to carrying out free janitorial services, washing dead bodies, and enforced visits to psychologists, all of which are perceived as “deeply troubling and unacceptable”.

Despite facing increasing pressures, civil activists opposing compulsory hijab continue their struggle and civil institutions are actively amplifying their voices on the global stage, underlining the unwavering determination of those advocating for gender equality and human rights in Iran.


Source: Iran International